Photo of YM Carrington.

YM Carrington

YM Carrington is the creator of Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective, an organizing project dedicated to economic justice and self-determination for Black LGBTQ communities in the Southern United States. YMC is a writer, public speaker, former union organizer, and occasional web designer. A lifelong Southerner, YMC’s desire is to help build a model for Black LGBTQ community and economic sustainability throughout the South.


Photo of the Millions March march for justice for victims of police violence in NYC. Protestors hold signs that together form Eric Garner's eyes, staring out from the crowd and streets.

Getting Our Forty Acres: Crowdfunding, Reparations, and Black Economic Justice

In a society where equitable access to jobs, housing, and financial services is still threatened by racist discrimination, crowdfunding is a tool that has helped marginalized communities deal with the impact of economic violence.

Black hands outstretched and holding on to a large pillar.

Trauma and Spectacle: Antiblack Violence and Media

The subjugation of Black people will never end until white people confront their desire to see Black bodies suffer.