Photo of Tonya Edmonds.

Tonya Edmonds

Tonya is a wife, mother, software developer, photographer and runner from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While studying Computer Science (CS) at the University of Pittsburgh, she developed the Technology Leadership Initiative, ­a high school outreach program to introduce underrepresented/underserved students to CS. After completing a Masters degree and serving as the Initiative’s Director for over 5 years, she decided to teach CS at an up and coming STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) high school for a few years. Eventually, her career interests led her back into her passion of creating great software that can change peoples lives and that has been her mission ever since.


A woman of color alone in a dark room, laptop screen illuminating her face.

The Struggle to Connect With Other Minorities in Tech

Why is it that so many of us in underrepresented groups fail to create connections with one another, when we are just a few feet away from each other?