Photo of Melissa King.

Melissa King

Proud trans woman, lesbian, and aspie. Recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in European History. Aspiring video game developer and storyteller. Contact: melissakingstories -at-


An electric sign above a garage reading 'Capitalism Kills Love.'

The Sick Day that Never Ends: Capitalism’s Pricetag for the Disabled and Marginalized

Capitalism is an economic system of convenience… that is, the convenience of management and CEOs.

Surgical cross-section of a brain with labeled parts.

Better Online Living through Content Moderation

Anti-content control rhetoric supplants widely-available psychological and sociological facts for misinformed opinions that are not only insufficient for helping others manage their own mental state, but offer wholly inadequate solutions for online abuse.

Characters fight a large dragon in Guild Wars 2.

Privilege and Rules in Online Play: Institutional Failures of the Video Game Industry

Simply telling people to use the ignore function is not going to curtail decades-long problems in video games communities.