Photo of Megan Red Shirt Shaw.

Megan Red Shirt Shaw

Megan Red Shirt Shaw is an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux tribe. She earned her bachelors degree from the University of Pennsylvania in English with a Creative Writing focus and is the founder of Natives In America, an online literary publication for young Native writers. Currently living in the Bay Area, she loves learning about projects for Indigenous youth and the idea that a college education opportunity can change one’s trajectory forever. Her favorite phrase her mother ever taught her in Lakota is “Weksuye, Ciksuye, Miksuye” meaning “I remember, I remember you, Remember me.” You can find her at or on Twitter.


Photo of the author standing behind a wire fence and looking out over roads, fields and hills in Pine Ridge, SD. Her back is to the camera and her red sweatshirt reads "Oglala Lakota Nation."

Word Warriors: Fight For Your Rights

In the wipe of rights to our ancestral homelands and the realization that a country we call home doesn’t understand our sovereignty, social media has played a huge role in igniting movements that bring awareness and positive change.