Photo of Matt Schaefer.

Matt Schaefer is a user experience designer and software developer. He is a volunteer organizer for the Tech Workers Coalition. He tweets infrequently at @situatedbit and haphazardly maintains


A view of the Golden Gate Bridge from a bluff facing the city; San Francisco's high-rises are visible between the bridge beams on a slightly foggy day.

INTERVIEW: Inside the Movement For Silicon Valley’s “Invisible Workforce”

"As folks talk about the booming economy and the wealth and incredible jobs that tech is creating, the folks that are being left behind are the invisible workforce, are people of color. "

Ariel view of Silicon Valley: grids of housing and greenery bisected by roads, the tip of the airplane wing just visible in the right-hand corner.

INTERVIEW: Inside the Movement For Silicon Valley’s “Invisible Workforce,” Part II

"...we will always win when we take on fights or campaigns like this, because we know that our fight is relational. We can build coalitions, we can build relationships, and that’s what makes us twice as strong. The opposition is about dollars and figures. "