Photo of Manuel Betancourt.

Manuel Betancourt

Manuel is a New York City-based writer interested in LGBT issues, media, and pop culture. He’s a regular contributor to The Film Experience, a book reviewer over at Slant Magazine, and his work has been featured in Film Quarterly, Theater Journal, MicNews and PopMatters. He also has a PhD in English but hates bragging about it. You can find more of his work on his personal site.


Exhibition poster for Warhol and Basquiat, presented by Tony Shafrazi and Bruno Bischofberger. Both artists are pictured wearing Everlast boxing gear.

The Entrepreneurial Artist of the Twenty-First Century

We may be persuaded that “art is for everyone”; the Internet finally democratizing its creation, its distribution, and its valuation. And yet, the democratization of art argument is necessarily laced with issues of means, access and opportunity.