Photo of Leslie Miley.

Leslie Miley

A Silicon Valley native, Leslie Miley began his tech addiction programming on the Mac Plus and hacking set top boxes, to working and then leading engineering teams at the world’s most recognizable tech companies.

In between trying to make the perfect cup of coffee and chess boxing, Leslie can currently be found @Twitter working on Abuse, Safety and Security.

Besides going off the grid for a few years and building a straw bale house, Leslie has held various engineering leadership roles at Yahoo, Google, Apple and Modcloth.

Leslie has served on the board of advisors for The Center for Science, Technology, Ethics, and Policy, at the Univ. of Texas at El Paso, and was a founder and speaker at the first Google Test Automation Conference. He attended the University of Kansas.


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The Top 10 (%) Tech Rules

Every step along the way, exclusionary hurdles are introduced to limit the candidate pool.