Laurent Bossavit

Laurent Bossavit is still, at the ripe age of forty-something, in the process of figuring out what he wants to be when he grows up. Meanwhile, he gives (or more accurately rents) a helping hand to people and teams looking into Agile and related disciplines as a lens to descry the mysteries of software development. He was a recipient of the 2006 Gordon Pask award for contributions to the Agile community, which he feels particularly close to. He is, however, a firm believer in belonging to many tribes and traveling far and wide (intellectually and physically) to engage in the trade of that most precious commodity: useful ideas.


Screenshot of the grid google image results for the phrase 'a software developer' - the results show mostly white men and almost all contain either a keyboard or someone drawing a schematic on glass.

The Making of Myths

Questioning claims that are widely accepted in the technology industry.