Photo of Laur M. Jackson.

Laur M. Jackson

Laur M. Jackson is a doctoral student in the Department of English at the University of Chicago. Current academic work includes interests in dialect, sound, and linguistic diffusion in American culture. She also commits egregious acts against academia to write in on a genre she lovingly describes as garbage pop culture. That and other writing can be found at The Atlantic, The New Inquiry, The Awl, and Complex, among other places. She lives in Chicago and on Twitter. Mainly the latter.


Beautiful street art portrait of Nina Simone, eyes upward and lips parted, on a large wall.

The Blackness of Meme Movement

Not only can the origins of many memes be found in Black creators or online Black communities (Black Twitter, Black Tumblr, Black nerd culture at large), memes appear to model the circulatory movement of Black vernacular itself.