Photo of Julie Ann Horvath.

Julie Ann Horvath

A fan of the social web, building things, and making information beautiful, Julie Ann Horvath works as a designer, front-end developer, and visual storyteller at Clef. She was an early employee at GitHub, Cherry, and Yammer, and most recently founded Passion Projects; the industry’s first all-woman talk series designed to surface and celebrate the work of incredible women in tech. She spends a lot of her time speaking at conferences about design, open source software, and people-first teams, as well as teaching workshops and volunteering to help (more) women and PoC learn to code.


Interview With Julie Ann Horvath

"It’s easy to feel like the tech culture is just normal and how the industry is or should be. And that’s the moment of maturity - going from 'oh, this is how it is' to feeling like no, this is wrong and this isn’t how it should be."