I'Nasah Crockett

I’Nasah Crockett is a writer, blogger, performer, and cultural worker who focuses on Black cultural production and Black radical traditions. She runs her mouth endlessly on Twitter as @so_treu and along with fellow contributor Sydette Harry is co-editor of the blog We Clap B(l)ack: History and Pop Culture on the 2 and the 4.


A 4chan comment: 'Good. If you have been following the Twitter, you'll see that a witch hunt is now underway. They recognized that most /pol/ accounts were black bitches. So now any Twitter accounts that aren't college educated white girls are outed as being fake. It's the perfect response to #solidarityisforwhitewomen.'

“Raving Amazons”: Antiblackness and Misogynoir in Social Media

I can’t help but see historical parallels in the multiple forms of antiblack backlash Black women have received on social media over the past few years.