Frances Hocutt

Frances Hocutt earned her BS in chemistry from Harvey Mudd College and has pursued her interest in organic chemistry through her work in medicinal chemistry and then while developing methods to detect rare genetic diseases. She is the founding president of the Seattle Attic Community Workshop, Seattle’s first feminist hackerspace/makerspace. She aims for elegance in her science and effectiveness in her art and is happiest when she can draw on as many disciplines as possible. Frances’s current passion is helping others develop the skills, tools, and communities that they need to make their world fit them better. Between her scientific knowledge and her skills in ancient technologies, she considers herself an asset to any postapocalyptic team.


Kitchen sink, piled with dirty dishes.

When “I Didn’t Mean To” Makes it Worse

Entitlement and violation in STEM communities.

Hocutt, the author, working in a chemistry lab.

I Didn’t Want To Lean Out

Why I Left, How I Left, and What It Would Have Taken to Keep Me in STEM