Photo of Ebele Mogo.

Ebele Mogo

Ebele is a writer, scientist and entrepreneur currently finishing up a Doctor of Public Health degree. She is the President of Engage Africa Foundation. She also provides strategic consulting, research and technical writing expertise for companies doing innovative work in health, development and business. You can contact her to collaborate on your project via her blog:


Image from NYC Rise Up and #ShutItDown for Baltimore protest in Union Square, New York, with a large banner reading Black Lives Matter, a number of people gathered around it holding posters and listening to a speaker.

What Liberation Technology Can Learn From Historical Movements

Seven principles that past movements have taught me on sustaining change today, drawing especially from the civil rights movement.

Series of globes in a museum display.

Where Tech Culture Meets Healthcare: Chronic Disease and The Promise of New Interventions

Startups need to stop working in silos, engaging doctors, health care administrators, communities and other system players.