Photo of Cate Huston.

Cate Huston is a developer and entrepreneur focused on mobile. She’s lived and worked in the UK, Australia, Canada, China and the United States, as an engineer at Google, an Extreme Blue intern at IBM, and a ski instructor. Cate speaks internationally on mobile development and her writing has been published on sites as varied as Lifehacker and The Eloquent Woman. She blogs at Accidentally in Code and is @catehstn on Twitter.


Note taped to a window reading 'You must believe in yourself'.

The Trouble with Imposters

Tech culture doles out imposter syndrome on one side, hubris on the other.

Traditional brick building on an Ivy-League campus.

We Hire The Best

The tech industry prides itself on its rationality, and yet is filled with trite slogans that are demonstrably untrue... and further, harmful.