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When Anna was introduced to programming she instantly fell in love with it and the community around it which changed her whole life. She is now working on becoming an awesome developer and building a career in the field. In a former life Anna got a degree in English and Catholic Theology. Anna is passionate about diversity and community outreach. She wants to encourage more people to discover the wonderful world of programming, especially women. Anna organizes free programming workshops for female beginners and also runs a blog interview series about women who code.


Artsy photo of a ladder leading up a 90-degree wall, smoke billowing at the top.

Tech Hiring: The Hunt for Highly Technical Superhumans

The job search in tech equals an unpaid full-time job.

by Anna
Scrabble game with hiring-related words including 'resume' and 'application'.

You Say You Want Diversity, But We Can’t Even Get Internships

Most “get into tech” programs are only accessible to computer science students and rich people. The rest of us are left behind.

by Anna