Anjuan has worked in software development from the database to the user interface for 20 years. His roles have included developer, infrastructure designer, production support lead, and software project manager. He has an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Texas A&M University. Anjuan is also an author, speaker, occasional user of Twitter, gadgician, and world traveler (six continents down, one more to go).


Statue of Justice.

Technology Colonialism

Technology companies today are increasingly colonial in their actions. This can be seen in the veneer of sovereignty they seek to cultivate, how they work across borders, their use of dominant culture as a weapon, and the clear belief that “superior” technology is a suitable excuse for lawlessness, exploitation and even violence.

Sign that reads 'This is a safe area'.

Making Tech Spaces Safe for Diverse Faces

We must examine the harmful outcomes that technology events foster: discrimination, aggression, and harassment. The only way to change these outcomes is to change behavior.