Andrea Garcia-Vargas

Andrea Garcia-Vargas

Andrea Garcia-Vargas is a queer Latina writer and digital strategist based in San Francisco. Her work has previously appeared in Upworthy, Vice, and Mic. She has also made appearances on CNN and NPR. To keep up with Andrea, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr!


Old-fashioned record player.

How Tech Devalues Social Media Workers

Social media jobs may not involve coding. They may not involve debugging. They may not involve writing a novel or reporting. But they’re still analytical as fuck, with a measure of art in there.

Social media logos for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, RSS, Blogger and others transposed on a series of rainbow-colored chalks.

Tweeting From Inside The Bell Jar

Grappling with social media’s dual nature as both an outlet and a trigger for depression.