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This sketchnote is shown within an open notebook. It is black and white, and titled: Jen Myers, Developers Can't Design. It has a sketch of the speaker saying: I am a designer - One who thinks about the making of things. It has a progressive flow of how design works, with small sketches of users along the way, and questions that illustrate how to think about the design process: What emotion or personality are you communicating? Ask why. Do you do wireframes? On the opposite page, the sketchnote lays out: The Basic Tenants of Design. This includes repetition, which shows a number of small flowers lined up; balance, which shows two small dinosaurs next to each other; emphasis, which shows a dinosaur roaring; contrast, which shows a progression of increasingly dark tiles; and negative space, which shows stars in the sky and an arrow pointing to the space between them. Then there is an image of a person in a computer screen, reaching outside of the monitor with the title: The digital native designer. The sketchnote concludes with a sketch of a wireframe and the text: If you consider these the whole time… You can't just refactor design. In the very bottom there are a few people gathered around a box with a question mark, but what they are saying can't be made out.
Form by Alexis Finch on February 3rd, 2014
When every speaker on stage is a white guy, doing sketchnotes of what they're saying looks like betrayal.