Introducing Fund Club: Pledge $100/Month to Diversity in Tech

by MVC News Bot on June 15th, 2015

Inequalities in technology are almost always underlined by money: underrepresented groups just don’t get the financial support they need and deserve for their projects, organizations and startups. We see this most clearly in venture capital, but also know that marginalized technologists struggle far more to get financial backing to start events and conferences, online communities, media projects, apps, games and other initiatives vital to the fabric of tech culture.

That’s why we’re working with AlterConf to launch Fund Club and fund more tech projects by and for marginalized people. Members of Fund Club pledge $100/month to support initiatives focused on diverse communities in technology; there will be a new Fund Club pick announced each month, and members give the month’s pledge directly to the recipient organization. To ensure that we can consistently fund the projects and that members are financially committed, those who don’t pay within 7 days will be removed from Fund Club.

Through Fund Club, we hope to consistently drive more funding to support essential work in our community. We’ll be announcing the first Fund Club pick in just a few hours (at noon PT/3 pm ET). Join us by registering at and be part of helping something amazing grow and thrive.