We are looking for written pieces including original essays, columns, articles and short stories (fiction or non-fiction); photography, drawings, comics and other artwork; and interviews and other forms of collaborative media.

Current Theme

We are now soliciting work on the theme of mental illness and technology. We are interested in experiences of mental illness, stigma and discrimination in the tech industry, and how they impact us and our communities. We invite ideas around mental illness, management and the tech workplace, as well as critical analysis of relevant industry mythologies and stereotypes. We're also interested in work that explores the intersections of mental illness and tech, such as new platforms and technologies oriented around mental illness, social media and mental illness, etc. Other topics relevant to the theme will also be considered. We can publish work anonymously. Please submit your ideas by Friday, July 18th for consideration.

Have an idea?

Email us at with [IDEAS] in the subject line, a description of your concept and any relevant information about you and your work. You retain copyright on any work we publish, and we pay contributors. We will try to respond to all contributor mail, but cannot guarantee we will be able to publish your work.

We are particularly interested in publishing works that:

  • Present compelling cultural and social critique of significant topics and themes in tech
  • Highlight the work and achievement of diverse groups and individuals in tech
  • Are relevant to the experiences of individuals and groups that are underrepresented and marginalized in the mainstream tech community; and/or
  • Explore the actual and potential uses of technology for social justice causes, such as activism, access, education, organization, etc.