Ashe Dryden (@ashedryden) is an indie ruby developer living in Madison, WI. She's been involved with the web in some form or another over the course of the past 13 years. Ashe is an outspoken educator and activist for diversity, inclusiveness, and empathy, especially in tech spaces. She's currently writing a book on increasing diversity within companies, as well as working on a video series and site to serve as a resource to people who want to get involved. When she isn't discussing technology or its intersection with culture, she's cycling, tweeting, playing board games, debating the social implications of Star Trek episodes, being that awkward girl at the party, and waiting for her next burrito fix.

Perhaps the scariest part of speaking out is seeing the subtle insinuation of consequence and veiled threats by those you speak against.
Many see the critiques of tech culture and get defensive, not realizing this is a compassionate act. We’re given the opportunity to assess the roles we play in oppressive structures in an effort to learn and encourage change.