Blameful Post Mortem Week 7

Everything that's wrong with the tech industry this week, and who's to blame.

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Blameful Post Mortem

Everything that's wrong with the tech industry this week, and who's to blame.

Sheryl Sandberg, working with Girl Scouts USA, has a new campaign: “ban bossy.” We won’t link to any of the many, many articles covering it, but we continue to be gravely concerned by the increasing reach and power of Lean In’s faux-feminism.

Vanity Fair has a disturbing profile of a Google founder’s public relationship with an employee. There’s much cause for concern, from the peek into Google’s bizarre corporate culture to the eerie world of tech’s hyper-rich that lies behind it. But perhaps most upsetting is the depiction of Google’s negligent approach to in-office relationships and the power dynamics and inequalities implicated by them.

Screenshot of the Vanity Fair coverage of the Google founder's relationship with an employee, which is titled 'OK, Glass: Make Google Eyes' and is marked as a 'Trend Story'. Vanity Fair's coverage of the story.

Bustle, the site founded by a man-child but aiming to “completely transform women’s publishing,” has seen significant drama involving its funding from Google Ventures. Of course, due to predictably horrible, unreliable and generally corrupt reporting by tech’s journalism outfits, its hard to figure out what exactly happened, if anything.

Hacker News Comment of the Week

This week offers not so much a Hacker News comment, but a Hacker News commentary…

We guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the only posts about women in tech that perform well on HN are the ones that deny systemic gender inequality, while others get downvoted or removed quickly. And if you check out the comments on this submission, there’s enough Comments of the Week to fill at least a month or two…

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