Blameful Post Mortem Week 4

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Blameful Post Mortem

Everything that's wrong with the tech industry this week, and who's to blame.

Oh look, ANOTHER major media byline from Vivek Wadhwa, who is enthusiastically building his career as a pundit on women’s issues in technology. Meanwhile, women technologists, intellectuals and writers continue to be hugely underrepresented in mass media.

Peter Shih, infamous for his offensive, elitist, sexist and classist rant on San Francisco, is back. His company Celery (yes, Celery) just raised $2mm dollars from investors including, of course, Y Combinator. TechCrunch’s write-up predictably failed to mention the company’s connection to Shih.

This article in InformationWeek on Women, IT and the Outrage Machine is a classic example of IRL Fuck You I Got Mine, containing such gems as “I spent the first eight years of my career in development surrounded by men, and by hiring teams full of men. I didn't give a rat's ass about diversity or how many women I'd work with.” Gross.

And our Hacker News Comment Of The Week goes to:

Screenshot of a hacker news comment by user cbeach which reads: I'm tired of feminists (both men and women) hijacking the buzz around technology to post whiny repetitive linkbait about their trophy victimhood. Tired of special interest groups that demean the achievements of women who made it on merit. Tired of angry disaffected feminists like Laurie Penny, Caroline Criado-Perez and Shanley trying to make their misandry sound intellectual. Tired of media companies manufacturing spurious concepts like 'Women 2.0' in order to sell event tickets and column inches. We've lost nothing of value with this 'stomp my feet and slam the door' farce. (Shout out to Chris Beach, the creator of!)

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